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  • Furby and Furby Face Machine Embroidery Files

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    These are Furby machine embroidery files in two sizes, as well as files for just the Furby face–just in case you want to add that certain “something” to whatever.

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  • WAnder Washington State Embroidery File

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    Have an embroidery machine and a love of Washington State?

    This is a downloadable embroidery file (or, rather, set of files) featuring a WAnder Washington State graphic.

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  • Rose Apothecary Machine Embroidery File

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    Make a gift for your Schiit’s Creek fan or add a Bit of Wow to your own thing with this Rose Apothecary machine embroidery file which comes in either a large or medium size.

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  • Stratocaster Guitar Machine Embroidery Design

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    While our guitar playing is questionable, that doesn’t stop us from loving our favorite guitars. These Stratocaster guitar machine embroidery files are based on our favorite sonic blue Fender strat and comes in three sizes.

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  • Christmas Sloth Machine Embroidery Files

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    Dress up…whatever you want with Christmas Sloth machine embroidery files featuring a happy sloth enjoying the holidays by danging from some Christmas lights (is that safe?)

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  • Jeremy Bearimy Embroidery Files

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    If you know that Jeremy Bearimy is NOT a person (Unless this IS your name then we apologize. And think your name is awesome!)but instead is the way time moves in the afterlife (according to The Good Place, anyhow), and you are the owner of an embroidery machine, you might love our Jeremy Bearimy machine embroidery files.

    Note that the per-item images were software-generated. For now we have single-run designs. We HAVE made a satin-stitch design of this but actually prefer the single run and may add the satin stitch version in the future.

    Note that this is for DOWNLOADABLE EMBROIDERY FILES…not for the cap.

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  • Keep Calm and Bake On Machine Embroidery File

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    When things aren’t going your way in the kitchen, this Keep Calm and Bake On machine embroidery file reminds you to keep a cool head!

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  • Bake the World a Better Place Machine Embroidery File

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    You know that your pies make the world better! Tell everyone by embroidering something with this Bake The World A Better Place machine embroidery file.

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  • Duo Green Owl Pratiquez Votre Français (Practice Your French) Machine Embroidery Files

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    Need ANOTHER reminder to practice your French? A crying owl just isn’t enough? Have an embroidery machine? Embroider yourself an angry French duo with beret and baguette reminding you to <<Pratiquez Votre Français!>>. This French Duo machine embroidery file is suitable for a 4″ x 4″ hoop.

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