This is specific to acrylic items with a matte black finish on the front.

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  • Espresso Patronum Nespresso Capsule Holder Matte Black

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    Show off your magical collection of Nespresso Vertuo pods with this Harry Potter-themed Espresso Patronum Nespresso Capsule Holder. I realize in retrospect I should have said NEspresso Patronum. Oh well…next time. This version is matte black — the front-facing side is matte that is, the back is glossy black. Please note that it is a cutout design and does NOT include a back panel. The primary photo here is showing the wall material behind the coffee pod holder.

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  • “Never Trust The Living” Beetlejuice-inspired acrylic planchette earrings

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    These earrings are inspired by a quote from Beetlejuice and the Ouija board, these Never Trust the Living planchette earrings are fun for Halloween or any day.

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