Hi There...A Bit of Wow has decided to close shop on their own website as we sell most of our items on other venues. You can find much of what we were selling here, for instance, on our <a href="https://www.etsy.com/shop/BitofWow/">Etsy shop</a>. If you had one of our coupons and wanted to use it, please contact us and we'll give you an equivalent discount on our Etsy shop. Thanks for visiting!

We're closing down...at least here.

We decided to take our shop off of PNW & Beyond, but subsequently decided to move on. This website is now in catalog mode -- meaning you can view, but not buy, the items. Most are for sale in our Etsy shop and our enamel pins are also for sale on Amazon....at least through the end of the year or until they sell out.

Thanks for your understanding.

LumaShell™ Earrings

These earrings are made with LumaShell™ — a natural shell product onto which we sublimate a photo or graphic. As it is a natural product, and we apply the image individually to each one, there may be some variations in thickness, color, texture, slight variations in image placement. We find that images placed on LumaShell™ tend to come out with a sort of faded, graphic, natural quality — one that we generally like!


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