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  • Embroidered Culinarian Apron Inspired by FFXIV

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    You love to cook — and your FFXIV character does too! Show off your skills in your real kitchen with this embroidered FFXIV- inspired culinarian apron .

    This is an OUTLET STORE ITEM. It is non-returnable. Why is it in our “outlet store”? While we might bring the design back again, we’ve gone to using a different type of removable stabilizer for our aprons. This one has a patch of cut-away stabilizer on the reverse side of the embroidery.

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  • Tentacles in a Teacup Embroidered Octopus Tea Towel

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    Oops! You have something in your tea ma’am! This octopus tea towel features a 100% cotton flour sack towel with tentacles coming out of a teacup.

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  • Bake the World a Better Place Machine Embroidery File

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    You know that your pies make the world better! Tell everyone by embroidering something with this Bake The World A Better Place machine embroidery file.

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