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Avatar White Lotus Mug

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“This tea is nothing but hot leaf juice!” If you remember that part from Avatar: The Last Airbender and love Uncle Iroh, you might like this 11 oz Avatar White Lotus Mug.

The mug features the words “This tea is nothing but hot leaf juice!” wrapped around the symbol of the White Lotus.

2 currrently available.


This is an Avatar White Lotus mug. My favorite character in Avatar: The Last Airbender was Uncle Iroh. Like him, I have a love of tea, but, at the same time, I agree with Zuko that tea is nothing but hot leaf juice.

If you remember that interaction, you might like this mug. I designed it for a family member, but then kept making ’em.

It featured Iroh’s quote “This tea is nothing but hot leaf juice!” wrapped around the symbol of the White Lotus. The image is printed on both sides. Sure, it’s a coffee mug, but you can sip your tea out of it as well, though I’m sure that Iroh might not approve!

The mugs are individually printed in Washington State. The picture here is representative, and some variations in color or placement may occur as the design is not mass-factory-produced.

The coaster here is NOT included and is a photo prop, but the mug comes with a gift box.


More Info

Country of Manufacture

Mug manufactured in China, printed in Washington State.

Dishwasher Safety

Microwave Safe


Primary Color

Gift Box Included

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