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Christmas Sloth Machine Embroidery Files

*Plus any tax or shipping.

These are embroidery files to stitch a happy Christmas sloth on an embroidery machine. Comes in small, medium, and large sizes and various file formats. Please read the long description for more information.


Enjoy the holidays…slowly. And decorate your holiday stuff with Christmas Sloth machine embroidery files featuring a playful sloth dangling from a string of lights and sporting a Santa hat.

This embroidery design comes in three sizes. On the website, here, they are listed as variations. If this updates to the Etsy shop, each is listed separately, so be sure you are getting the right size!

This is a 9-color design. The sizes in the variations, here, are listed by embroidery hoop size, not the size of the design.

The sizes of the designs are as follows:

Large (8×12 hoop) 6.744″ W x 7.159″ H. So it might work for a smaller than 8×12 hoop but it won’t fit your 5×7 hoop. This is my fave of the three and I was planning to use it on Christmas stockings, but haven’t yet got around to that.

5×7 hoop:  4.606″ W x 4.890″ H design size

4×4 hoop: 2.565″ W x 3.144″ H

The files are in a compressed (zip) file folder with files in the following formats as well as a color chart, according to what size of the design you purchase:


This happy sloth has a lot of dense stitches. I found that it stitches well with a medium-weight cutaway stabilizer (I like Sulky Cut-Away Plus )

Please note that for testing I stitched this one out on a very old 6-needle machine using ONE color (white) of bobbin thread — this accounts for the white flecks that you might see in the demos in the black part of the design. It’s NOT part of the design.

Additional Notes:

I like to make additional notes from time to time based on user feedback as people tend to not leave reviews.

  • The PES file here is Version 10. I had no issues with this, but I had a user with a older machine who, somehow, had difficulty with reading the file for the large verion. I have uploaded an additonal file created in v6 in case you have issues.
  • In the very small version, I had a user who had some difficulty with the claws being dense. I had no issue with this. However, I test on cotton with a medium stabilizer and she was trying to embroider on a fleece sweatshirt. I created a second version where the claws are just a line stitch and have uploaded that here as well.

Additional information

Embroidery Hoop Size

, ,

Best Use

File Format

, , , , , ,


Themes and Styles


Number of Colors (in embroidery design)




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