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Duo 3D-Printed Cookie Cutter

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This is a 3D printed PLA cookie cutter made in our home studio. It’s a handmade/homemade product, not official…we are just fans who routinely make Duo sad.


I was studying French and it inspired me to make this cookie cutter. Lately, I’ve made Duo sad…but he still looks happy on this cookie cutter. Note that this is not an official items. We’re just fans, though we’re disappointments to Duo.

This is a simple outline 3D printed cookie cutter in a Duo Owl shape. It’s about 4″ wide at its widest (wing tip to wing tip).

These are 3D printed in our home studio out of PLA. The PLA we use is of food-grade material, however, please note:

  • PLA cookie cutters are NOT dishwasher or microwave safe.
  • PLA cookie cutters are appropriate for either items you plan to bake thoroughly, non-food items, OR non-baked food items for which you use the cookie cutter during one session.
Care instrutions:
  • Wash in lukewarm water with milkd soap and a toothpick/scrub brush to get the dough out of areas with more detail (though this applies more to detail cutters and stamps).
  • We’ve had the best results with sugar cookie dough rolled about ¼” thick, though for an outline cutter like this really any thickness is OK.
  • If you’re having trouble getting the cookie dough to release, try a good dose of flour.

I 3D print the items and do a minimal of processing on them — doing a bit of sanding in spots to remove strings, if there are any. Please note that the “mint” colors seem to be a bit more prone to rough outer edges and edge discoloration which do not affect the imprint of the cutter. Also, please note that the “Unicorn” and “Mermaid” colors have varying colors in them which means that each cookie cutter will be a bit different in which color appears on the front of the cookie cutter. We cannot guarantee exactly which shade will appear on the front when you order those colors.

I used to offer the option of coating them in food-safe epoxy. However, I found this to be more time-and-supply-consuming than it was worth.
If you would like to coat your own cookie cutters, I recommend using Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast as it is the easiest to work with, in my opinion, and is food safe when fully cured.

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