Furby and Furby Face Machine Embroidery Files

Furby and Furby Face Machine Embroidery Files

These are Furby machine embroidery files in two sizes, as well as files for just the Furby face–just in case you want to add that certain “something” to whatever.


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These are Furby machine embroidery files in two sizes, as well as files for just the Furby face–just in case you want to add that certain “something” to whatever.

The folder contains files for a 4 3/4″ x  4 1/16″ Furby (appropriate for a 5×7 hoop), a 3.5 x 3″ Furby (appropriate for a 4×4 hoop) and a disembodied Furby face (measuring 2″ x 1 3/16″).

Note that this is just the Furby. The flowers on the featured image are just a design element in that image.

The following file types are included:

  • PES
  • HUS
  • JEF
  • DST
  • VP3
  • XXX

Depending on the fabric you are using for your Furby machine embroidery, I’d recommend a good cut-away stabilizer for this. For the one pictured, I used Sulky Soft and Sheer with a cotton canvas fabric. But for a lighter fabric, I might use their midweight.

Click here for other embroidery files on this website.

Why an Embroidered Furby?

I was sewing a dress for myself with an embroidered design (a rare occurrence as I like the embroidery much more than the sewing part) and my daughter asked me to make her a dress and “put a Furby on it.” Or, maybe, to find some overalls or something and embroider a Furby.

My daughter’s room is home to an abomination called “Princess Adorabelle” who used to be a Furby, but now has a flexible 6′ long body with eyes stitched throughout. Fortunately, though, she just wanted me to embroider a regular Furby, not anything of the “odd body Furby” type, and this was the result.

I have yet to embroider it on anything for her but I’ve test-stitched it out in both sizes. She says it is a “thing of beauty” and is “unmistakably a Furby” and gives it her seal of approval to put on her clothing.

Note that it has some wider jump stitches between the eyes. My machine wasn’t cutting the very small jumps between the black parts on the eyes and so I changed it up to do larger jumps that it WOULD cut.

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