Krampus Kups

Krampus Kups

Krampus Mug 15 oz photo with ceramic Christmas trees and gift box

Add some additional darkness to your holiday season with this Krampus mug. Our Krampus Kups come in 11oz or 15oz sizes and a couple of different colors.


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Tired of Santa Claus and reindeer and the same-old Christmas Stuff? Imbibe whatever hot beverage you wish in our Krampus mugs.

*Tacky Christmas trees not included. Gift box is.

Krampus is a figure from Alpine folklore whose holiday role is the scaring of children. He’s a figure that I’m sure would have been included in Schrute family holiday activities.

The Krampus mug comes in the following sizes and colors

  • an 11 oz size either with a red or black handle
  • a plain 15 oz size with a red Krampus

The 15oz mug has Cricut branding on the bottom. All come with a white gift box.

The red Krampus is pretty red. We had ONE mistake item with a darker red (almost rust-colored) Krampus and I’m listing it here. And the Krampus on the black-handled Krampus is more of a grey/green color.

If you want us to make you a Krampus mug with a Krampus of a different color, we can certainly do that (for an additional fee) – just purchase the addon and specify which color you’d like your Krampus. We’ll try to approximate it.

The placement of Krampus on the mug may vary slightly between mugs as we print them individually.

More Info

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Dishwasher Safety

Microwave Safe

Gift Box Included


Mug Size


Primary Color

Secondary color


Mug Type

11 oz Red Mug, 11 oz Black Mug, 11 oz Red Mug with Dark Red Krampus, 15 oz Mug

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