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Christmas Poinsettia Mandala Ornament Wood Laser-Cut Earrings

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Just in time for the holidays: our laser-cut Christmas earrings with a “poinsettia mandala ornament motif.” These are small-ish (1″) thin laser cut earring — your choice of natural, or sparkly red or green.



These handmade laser-cut wood Christmas ornament earrings have a motif that I think of as “poinsettia mandala.”

They’re made of thin birch wood and aren’t as chunky-style as some laser-cut wood earrings so they’re pretty lightweight.

The red and green ones are stained with a sparkly stain and then coated with a light coat of protectant to give them some protection from the elements. Still, they are wood earrings and I would not submerge them in water or expose them to extremely wet conditions.

Each earring is 1″ in diameter.

They have stainless steel “shepherd hook” type attachments.

These ARE burned with a laser and are stained; some scorch marks from laser burning show through the stain and on the edges — less so with the colored ones, more so with the natural ones. But I like this effect!

They come with a small cotton-filled kraft box.

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    Red Laser Cut Christmas Ornament Earrings Poinsettia Mandala
    Christmas Poinsettia Mandala Ornament Wood Laser-Cut Earrings
    *Plus tax and shipping