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Zen Sloth 11oz Mug

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If you think of the words “live slow” and then think of an animal, the sloth is sure to come to mind. This Zen sloth mug celebrates that!

It features a “Zentangle” type sloth, happily meditating, and comes in your choice of a few different sayings.


If you think of the words “live slow” and then think of an animal, the sloth is sure to come to mind, and this Zen sloth mug celebrates that!

This 11 oz ceramic mug features a “Zentangle” type sloth, happily meditating.

Or, if you want to get a bit more sweary, you can order it in one of a few different designs:

  • Live Slow, Die Whenever
  • Zen AF
  • Let That Shit Go

Want to change it up? You can add on customizations if you give us a bit more time (see addon below) though note that we’re a very small business and do not do mass orders.

Note that the Zen sloth mug does NOT come with a coaster. I photographed this one with the coaster as a prop and was just being slothlike in not re-photographing it!  It does, however, come with a gift box.

The design of the Zen sloth mug is printed on both sides of the mug and the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. Additionally, the bottom of the mug is plain, with no branding or logo.

Live slow, die whenever. And drink some coffee — or tea if coffee makes you live too quickly!

More Info

Gift Box Included

Zen Sloth Mug Text

Plain sloth with no additional text, Zen AF, Live Slow Die Whenever, Let That Shit Go!

Dishwasher Safety

Microwave Safe

Primary Color

Secondary color


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