Terms and Conditions

These are some general terms and conditions you’re agreeing to if you participate in this website.

Please also refer to our privacy policy page.

Shop Terms and Conditions

Our shop is subject to the privacy policy for our website as a whole.

Payment Methods

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Google, and Apple Pay. These are processed by Stripe. We also accept PayPal and Venmo payments, which are processed via PayPal.

We do not accept personal checks or e-checks. Payment must be received before we ship an item. For downloadable items, you can download the item from your account right away once the payment has gone through.


Please refer to our shipping page for shipping methods and estimated delivery times.

Shipping is calculated in the cart based on your location and the weight of the item.

Currently, we are offering free shipping on orders over $35 to Washington State residents and orders over $100 to the rest of the continental US.

Refunds and Returns

We accept returns on most physical goods. If we offer downloadable items, we do not accept returns on those. Please refer to our refunds and returns page for information about our returns and refunds policy and how to start a return.

Registration Terms and Conditions

We allow user registration on our website for the purposes of being able to check out and keep track of your purchases. If you register on our website, we store the information you’ve provided. Payment information is store off of our website on the site of the payment processor, depending on your choice (Stripe, PayPal, Venmo…)

Photography and Downloadable Files Terms of Use

As we offer digital downloads, we want to clarify the terms of use for each type of file:


Licenses can vary on digital photo downloads and you should know at the time how your photo is licensed. You may not claim any photo that you download here as your own work — and you can’t attribute it to us if it has been significantly altered. You may NOT resell photos that you download here.

In general:

  • Free photos

    In some cases we may offer free downloads, particularly for the small size of our image. For free downloads, we ask that you do not alter the photo and that you attribute it to us with a link to its page on the site.
  • Paid downloads

    For most paid downloads, you are free to use the photo for personal and commercial purposes as long as you do not claim authorship of the photo. Rights are non-exclusive, meaning that others can download and use the same photo.

If you see a photo in a post on our website, it does not mean you can just use the photo. The photos we sell are our own and we like to take our own photos…but if we’re just writing a post and don’t have an appropriate photo on hand we sometimes use other stock photos — so if you’d like permission to use a photo from a post, please ask.

Digital Machine Embroidery Files

Unless specifically stated otherwise, machine embroidery files that you download from us are licenses for you to use commercially or personally. That is, if you want to use the file to create an embroidered product that you then sell, that is fine. You may not resell the digital file, even in altered form.

SVG Graphics and Laser Cut Files

Well, unfortunately we no longer have a laser cutting machine! But we do have some files that we used to use that we may list here.

In any case, you may use such files to create items for sale, but you may not resell the file itself.

3D Print Files

In the case we sell 3D print files such as STL files (in our case this would primarily be for our cookie cutters) you may use it for personal use only unless stated otherwise as it would complete with the ones we sell on Etsy.


We use double opt in to ensure that only people who want to subscribe do so and will add an unsubscribe link to any email that we send to our list. Please note that the Newsletters page in the user profile sometime does NOT connect a users email with their newsletter subscriber profile even when logged in. The best way to unsubscribe or to change your preferenes to a newsletter is to use the links provided with emails that we send.


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