Where Did the Slothverse Go?

If you’ve navigated here, you were probably either searching for a sloth-focused post or coming here from one of the WordPress posts about the site. Sadly, the Slothverse has disappeared somewhere into a black hole of laziness.

Slothverse started out as a project for another blog where I was writing about putting together a WordPress website. But I often don’t follow my own advice and end up with too many projects.

I found myself unmotivated to keep writing about WordPress all the time and wanting to make non-sloth-focused craft projects.

But I liked the website’s design…so I’ve kept a few of its colors here and relocated any sloth products I still have and any posts having to do with making things.

I plan to go forth with making more sloth stuff…just other stuff too.

You can see any posts or products that were relocated here below on this very page.

Slothoween coloring page
Coloring Pages

Slothoween Coloring Page

Did you know that October is Sloth Month? If not, I’ll be you knew it was Halloween. Here’s a cute sloth Halloween coloring page to print out and color.

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